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Blogs: Customizing MySpace

08/31/2010 03:45 AM
my oh myspace
ive had this for a little while and plan to make a new layout soon so i figured i would share it before i did start a new one something in it messes it up in ie but i dont care enough about ie users to change it.. so i made an ie only msg.. check it out in ie :D
08/31/2010 03:43 AM
MySpace Picture Trick
This is a picture of Tom, The image location is[b]m[/b].jpg look at the bold letter "[b]m[/b]". The [b]m[/b] is for medium and if we change it to a [b]l[/b] you will get a larger image. Or [b]s[/b] to make it small. Pretty cool huh?
08/31/2010 03:42 AM
Summer Slacking '07
Okay i might not been customizing since i'm waiting for my new hardware, but i'm still going strong on MySpace: The new one since yesterday, based on K4PP4's shot. Too bad another 15 year old kiddo decided to steal it away from without permission. I wish i could protect my work from being stolen all the time (ideas are more then welcome, i was even thinking about hosting it on my webspace and make a myspace forward but i have no idea how). Cheerz
08/31/2010 03:42 AM
CoolBreeze new MySpace layout
Hey, first of all i know i'm not often here anymore. It'll change though, bit busy now and then. Anyhow i made a new myspace layout, one where i'm particulary proud of: Feel free to comment, thank you. Kiss, me