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Blogs: Customizing MySpace

10/17/2010 11:11 PM
New Myspace Layout -_-
Just like Frankenstein, setting the right example.. Currently still a little bit under construction, although i don't have much more inspiration at the moment. I would love to make it more 80s Punk style with some skulls or something, but i don't seem to find anything useful on the internet.. If you would like to view/edit the code feel free to do so, original copy of the source can be found on this URL:
10/07/2010 02:50 PM
Music player skins
Why cant I find some really cool music player skins for my MySpace page like the ones for windows media player, winamp, etc.
09/25/2010 03:09 AM
MySpace Layout Update
For those who emailed or left requests here at custo I have changed my myspace layout to run entirely using div and span as opposed to table layouts. This means it works in IE. I will release the code for you to use soon. MySpace profile Blog (and updates)
08/31/2010 03:45 AM
my oh myspace
ive had this for a little while and plan to make a new layout soon so i figured i would share it before i did start a new one something in it messes it up in ie but i dont care enough about ie users to change it.. so i made an ie only msg.. check it out in ie :D